Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Call for Volunteers! Python GitHub Migration Work Group

Call for community volunteers! It is time to assemble a Python Work Group that will aid in Python’s migration to GitHub!
PEP 581 was accepted and Python is now starting to plan for the actual migration (per PEP 588)!
We are looking for volunteers to participate in a work group that will be involved with Python’s migration from to GitHub. We want to make sure the directions this migration takes represents what the community needs!
The transition will be completed with the assistance of GitHub’s team and the PSF will be contracting a Technical Project Manager to assist. Certain Steering Council members and PSF staff members will be part of this work group as well!
The work group will help review contractor resumes, weigh in on discussions, help guide decisions, help get community input, and have a close overview of the entire project. If you have experience with Roundup and GitHub we want to hear from you! We want to ensure that through this Work Group we have a wide range of users represented. The discussions and decisions will help mold what the final outcome will be.
Fill out this application form by May 27: We will reach out soon after.