Monday, May 04, 2020

Python’s migration to GitHub - Request for Project Manager Resumes

The Python Software Foundation is looking for a Project Manager to assist with CPython’s migration from to GitHub for issue tracking. CPython's development partially moved to GitHub in February 2017. All other projects within the PSF's organization are hosted on GitHub and are using GitHub issues. CPython is still using Roundup as the issue tracker on (also known as “bpo”). To read more about the rationale behind this migration, read PEP 581.
Thank you to GitHub for donating financial support so this project can begin.


  • May 4 - Requests for resumes opens
  • June 4 - Requests for resumes closes
  • June 12 - Final decision will be made on proposals received
  • June 22 - Work will begin

Submitting a proposal

Resumes should be submitted as Portable Document Format (PDF) files via email to Ewa Jodlowska.

Role description


Support Python through the full transition from to GitHub with the assistance of GitHub’s migration team.


These tasks are from PEP 588 and a meeting the Steering Council had with GitHub. This is not an exhaustive list of all tasks, but an overview of what the work will most likely entail. The migration will be completed by GitHub and the Project Manager will work with the Python team to steer that migration. 
  • Create a timeline for the project with the Python team and GitHub team
  • Find out from the community the context behind GitHub search limitations, why search is sometimes preferred.
  • Research the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) process and how it can be achieved outside of Work with interested contractors, volunteers, and the PSF’s Director of Infrastructure on a solution.
  • Work with GitHub’s migration team and Python’s community on how mapping of fields should work from to GitHub
  • Work with GitHub’s migration team on the transition from and be the Python point of contact for GitHub. This includes helping field questions from GitHub to the Steering Council/core devs and vice versa.
  • Assist the Python community with creating guidelines on how people are promoted to Python’s triage team.
  • Obtain from GitHub a list of projects that have bots built that may help Python with "nosy lists"
  • Oversee the creation of the new workflow on GitHub
  • Assist with the creation of GitHub labels and templates when necessary 
  • Oversee the creation of the sandbox issue tracker on GitHub to experiment and test the new workflow
  • Ensure that the sandbox received adequate testing from the Python team
  • Update the devguide with that new process ahead of the migration and communicate it to the core developers
  • Communicate with PSF staff on a regular basis when necessary and provide monthly reports via email.
Note: Some of the work (for example the CLA process) may require additional hired help from outside contractors. Decisions on these tasks will be made after the Project Manager’s research and review is presented to the PSF staff and Steering Council.

Estimated budget

The budget is capped at $30,000 for this project.

Necessary Skills

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Must be very organized, punctual, and detail-oriented
  • Experience working with volunteers 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Experience working with software development teams (remotely is a plus)
  • Ability to balance demand and prioritize
  • Experience working with GitHub 
  • Experience with GitHub APIs is a plus
  • Experience working with Roundup is a plus


Contact Ewa Jodlowska, PSF’s Executive Director..