Monday, March 14, 2011

Call for Applications: Sprint Funding

The PSF Sprints Committee has sent out a call for applications from groups who want funding to host sprints on Python-related development work.

Sprints Committee

The Sprints Committee was established in June 2010 to encourage and assist groups to come together to work on Python-related projects. The committee has successfully funded a number of sprints since it was created, and the PSF Board of Directors has recently set aside additional funding to be used for sprinting during the upcoming year.

Sprint Topics

Sprints on any topic related to Python may qualify for a grant. Groups can work on any of the interpreters (CPython, PyPy, Jython, IronPython, etc.), modules from the standard library, third-party libraries, development tools, or anything else affecting the community.

Sponsored sprints have covered topics including porting Genshi to Python 3, improvements to packaging as part of the Distribute/distutils project, and most recently, the PyPy winter sprint in Switzerland. Check out the sprints blog for more details.


The Sprints Committee has prepared guides for sprinting on Python core and porting to Python 3 to help make your event successful. In addition to organizational support, the committee can also offer financial assistance in the form of grants.

Any sprint group can apply for a grant from to cover expenses directly related to a sprint event. That includes buying meals, renting meeting space, and other reasonable expenses. The maximum grant for an event is US$300.

If your group is interested in hosting a sprint, check out the full details of the call for applications at and contact the Sprints Committee at