Monday, March 07, 2011

Call for submissions for promotional brochure

A new PSF project aims to create professional quality promotional material about Python. The first goal is to create a brochure to showcase the many ways Python is used. It will include use cases to highlight the ways the language allows users to accomplish their tasks both in educational and in professional settings.

Project team members Marc-André Lemburg, Jan Ulrich Hasecke, and Armin Stross-Radschinski created this Plone marketing brochure for the German Zope User Group. It is the inspiration for this new project.

Community feedback and awareness is vitally important for the success of this initiative, mainly to gather information to be used in the brochure. We are especially looking for interesting projects that can be discussed as use-cases.

If you have any suggestions for information to include in the brochure, please contact Marc-André Lemburg or send an email to brochure AT getpython DOT info.

UPDATE: more information about the brochure, including a newsletter, can be found here.