Thursday, March 31, 2011

GSOC Student Applications Open

Students who want to participate in the Google Summer of Code project this year should apply online now! The deadline for applications is April 8, but the load on the servers increases as that date approaches, so apply now to avoid the rush and make sure your application is received in time.

Google Summer of Code

Since 2005, the Python Software Foundation has been sponsoring Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects to pair students with mentors from Python-based projects for real-world development experience. Students who are accepted into the program will spend the summer working on an open source project in Python, and be paid US$5,000 if the project is completed.


In addition to the mentors from the core Python team, several umbrella teams are already involved with the PSF for GSoC. Details about the proposed project ideas and prospective mentors can be found on the wiki.

Increasing Diversity

The PSF is committed to increasing the diversity of the Python community. One way we are working toward that goal is by encouraging women and other minorities to apply to participate in GSoC through one of the PSF-sponsored projects. The Mailman, SciPy, and PySoy projects are especially active in seeking minority applicants this year.

Important Dates

Student application deadline: 8 April
Students and Mentors paired up: 22 April
Announce accepted Students: 25 April

For more details about the schedule, see the GSoC timeline on the project web site.

Updated: The original version of this post incorrectly stated that students could earn US$4,500 instead of US$5,000.