Monday, March 28, 2011

Funding the Python Miro Community

A year ago Will Kahn-Greene started the Python Miro Community, a web-site that indexes Python-related videos regardless of where those videos exist on the Internet. The PSF has provided US$1,800 to finance continuation of this work, including US$900 for one year of Miro Community service costs. The remainder of the grant will go toward further development of the Python Miro Community.

Miro Community

The Miro Community offers an easy way to collect and curate videos already on the internet. It is one of several projects of the non-profit organization Participatory Culture Foundation all centered around supporting distribution of video content on the Internet. Among these is Universal Subtitles, a toolset and community to add subtitles to any web video.
The Python Miro Community indexes Python-related videos from many separate hosting sites on the Internet. The collection includes metadata for the videos to make them searchable and more useful to people. The site currently holds around 550 videos, covering a wide variety of Python-related topics from Python user groups, Python-related conferences like PyCon, and other sources.

Funding usage

US$900 of the grant will go towards Miro Community service costs as PCF rolls out Miro Community 1.2, which has a tiered service plan. The other US$900 of the grant will go towards improvements to Python Miro Community:
See also Will's blog on the grant and for additional information.