Monday, March 21, 2011

Google Summer of Code: Call for Projects and Mentors

Since 2005, the Python Software Foundation has been sponsoring Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects to pair students with mentors from Python-based projects for real-world development experience. We are pleased to announce that the PSF is a GSoC sponsoring organization again for 2011!

Call for Applications

The PSF is accepting proposals from different projects in the Python ecosystem. In order to qualify for PSF sponsorship, projects must be prepared to provide at least three mentors to act as guides for students over the course of the summer. Projects also need a well-defined method of team communication, such as a mailing list or dedicated IRC channel.

In addition to the mentors from the core Python team, several umbrella teams are already involved with the PSF for GSoC. They include:

The number of student positions available for PSF projects is based on the number of project applications received during this phase of the program. So if your project could benefit from participating in GSoC, submit an application!


Currently, the PSF is only accepting proposals from different projects in the Python ecosystem. However, it is never too early for students to be involved!

Students may submit to their GSoC application to the PSF from March 28th - April 8th. Please see the GSoC timeline for the complete program schedule. We encourage students to find a project they are interested in working with before the application period opens. Sending an inquiry to the project's mailing list asking where help is needed is highly recommended.

More Details

The GSoC timeline has the complete program schedule.

For more information, please refer to the PSF GSoC status page.

For further questions, please contact the PSF GSoC 2011 coordinator, Arc Riley.

Fill out an application online to have your project considered.