Wednesday, March 09, 2011

PSF Funds

The PSF Board has awarded a grant of USD $840 to the Read the Docs project for twelve months of hosting fees.

Read the Docs

Created by Eric Holscher, Charles Leifer, and Bobby Grace, is a documentation hosting site born out of the 2010 Django Dash competition. The site monitors git, Mercurial, and Subversion source repositories and automatically builds a project's documentation using Sphinx. Users can also create documentation directly through the site using a built-in editor.

The code for Read the Docs is itself open source, and contributions from users and other interested parties are always welcome.

More Details

The original announcement of the site describes the background for the project and its motivation.

Eric's presentation at PDX Python in February 2011 includes details about the tools used to build the site.

The Getting Started Guide covers all of the details you need to add the documentation for your project to the site.